jeniüs monofacial pv module 325w-凯发vip

solar panel

monofacial mono bifacial hipro monofacial hipro mono bifacial poly
  • jeniüs monofacial pv module 325w-405w
  • jt shh 120 cells / jt sgh 144 cells
    144 cells mono prec module, with half-cut design and mature mbb tech, maximum power output 405w, is perfect for ground-mounted、industrial and commercial facilities and residential pv projects.

jt shh 325w-340w jt sgh 390w-405w
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电池排列:120 [2x(6x10)]

组件尺寸:1716 x 1005 x 25 mm

组件重量:21.5 kg

 电池排列:144 [2x(6x12)]
组件尺寸:2043 x 1005 x 25 mm
组件重量:25.5 kg



jt shh 325w-340w

jt sgh 390w-405w



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